100 Gift Ideas for Sneakerheads – From Blush Tonal Chunky Footwear to Bronze Silver Luxe Sneakers (TrendHunter.com)

This holiday season is unlike one that we have experienced before, however, gifting our loved ones and supporting their passions can still be done — these gift ideas for sneakerheads are perfect for those who collect the sacred footwear.

This year, Kerby Jean Raymond took over as the Creative Director at Reebok and recently launched and ‘Old White’ colorway of the chunky Experiment 4 Fury Trail sneaker model. This is a muted tonal option that is functional and bold in design. Another great gift idea this season is by Balenciaga, offering a unique iteration of the iconic Track.2 sneaker. This model is unwearable and functions more as a decorative item. It is entirely made from full bronze and is an exact sculpture of the sneaker.

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