25 Cozy Gift Ideas – From Understated Women’s Loungewear to Wearable Blanket Wraps (TrendHunter.com)

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, this list of 25 cozy gift ideas will provide inspiration for those looking to give a friend or loved one something comforting this holiday season. Ranging from understated women’s loungewear to wearable blanket wraps, this comprehensive list offers a gifting idea for everyone.

One standout example is from Toronto-based fashion label Comrags that recently launched a new wardrobe staple for distant dining outdoors. The wearable blanket wrap features an adjustable drawstring neckline, deep armholes for comfortable layering, alongside a pouch pocket, and is perfect for social distant, outdoor get-togethers.

Another noteworthy example for those looking to stay indoors is the oversized knit weighted blanket, dubbed the Nuzzie Knit. This comfort-focused blanket is unique in the fact that it “maintains a breathable design that will allow the user to not overheat unlike other options on the market.”

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