90s Cult Film Bowling Shirts – The Lazy Oaf X E.T Bowling Shirt is Part of a 15-Piece Collection (TrendHunter.com)

This Lazy Oaf x E.T Bowling Shirt is part of an exclusive 15-piece collection paying tribute to Steven Spielberg’s classic 1982 film. The film centers around an alien who is stranded on earth before befriending a boy who helps bring him home.

Boasting a relaxed fit, this short-sleeved bowling shirt boasts a photographic mirror print of E.T himself that is layered atop a starry sky backdrop in shades of black and blue. Additionally, the back of the bowling shirt boasts a still from the film’s iconic flying bicycle scene.

In addition to its comfy fit and nostalgic imagery, this Lazy Oaf x E.T Bowling Shirt boasts side slit detailing at the hem with recycled labels and packaging. Staying true to its youthful and nostalgic aesthetic, the UK-based clothing label pays tribute to a nostalgic cinematic classic that will resonate with many Millennials who grew up watching it.

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