A New Animated Holiday Short And Fun Holiday Crafts And Recipes For Families

Part of the joy of holidays is spending time with family, cooking holiday recipes and making holiday crafts and decorations. Well, there is a brand new animated holiday short series called, “The Jolliest Elf and it comes with great holiday recipes and holiday crafts that go along with the show for a fun family holiday experience. It is the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening with the kids this holiday season! This post is brought to you by Trick 3D studio.

The Jolliest Elf Animated Holiday Short Series

The Jolliest Elf animated holiday shortThe Jolliest Elf animated holiday short

This fun animated holiday short series is based on the premise of being the North Pole’s favorite talent show, The Jolliest Elf. Kids and families get to visit the wondrous and magic-filled world of Santa’s North Pole and join host Mr. Jingles, Glo, Tiny and Frosty as they discover the unforgettable talents of North Pole contestants.

This 3D animated series concept was created by Chad Eikhoff, the writer and director of the holiday classic “The Elf on The Shelf: An Elf’s Story”. Chad Eikhoff is the writer and director of this new concept’s first short, “The Jolliest Elf:Lil’ Rey” which just released Thanksgiving on YouTube.

The first episode is The Jolliest Elf: Lil’ Rey and we get to meet a special little Christmas reindeer named Lil’ Rey. (Lil’ Rey is played by @_macsauuce – 9-year-old Macyn McMillian from Kansas City, Mo.) She has lots of talent and teaches us a valuable lesson through her fabulous performance. Get ready for some positive Christmas spirit that is sure to make you all feel a little bit more jolly just in time for Christmas 2020!

The Jolliest Elf: Lil’ Rey: Watch it below and be sure to subscribe for future episodes and updates!

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 The short is also now available on Prime Video.

The Jolliest Elf Holiday Activities: Crafts & Recipes

To go along with the animated short release, there is a unique list of The Jolliest Elf crafts and recipes so you can get to know the characters a little better and start some new Christmas traditions! Click the link above to find lots of fun holiday activities. Whether you want to make something yummy and quick, like Frosty’s Blue Hot Cocoa or just have fun coloring with Lil’Rey and crafting Glo’s hair clip the cast of The Jolliest Elf wants you to have fun making Christmas memories and magic together as a whole family!

We think you and your family will enjoy Lil Rey’s “Reindeer” Dog Treats so we will share that with you here so your family pet can be included in the fun! My dog loves these pumpkin peanut dog treats! You can get the recipe here.

We also loved the Mr. Jingles’s snow globe craft above- get the full instructions here.

The Jolliest Elf is a super cute story about the North Pole’s first competition talent show. The first episode focuses on Lil’ Rey, an underdog reindeer, with a surprising hidden talent and her gift for spreading holiday cheer!

What did you think of the animated holiday short? Which holiday activity was your family’s favorite?

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