Accessible Transparent Mask Designs – Tella Couture Offers a Solution for Those with Impairments (

The transparent mask design can prove to be useful to people who are deaf or hard of hearing, making the inclusive option also necessary for front line workers. Although not many big brands are addressing this need, some artisans are—like Tella Couture who is selling thoughtfully chic and high-quality coverings on Etsy. The product features a transparent window that allows for lip-reading to commence, enabling individuals to communicate freely, despite the physical barriers.

The transparent mask design is made by hand and available in multiple colors and patterns, satisfying the style preferences of as many consumers as possible. In addition, the comfort of the offering is assured through adjustable elastic straps. Tella Couture is offering its modern transparent mask designs for just $14 CAD.

Image Credit: Etsy @TellaCouture

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