Antibacterial Body Perfumes – LA MOIT Enhances Perfume with the Qualities of Sanitizers (

LA MOIT’s new range combines the functionality of body perfume with the antibacterial qualities of sanitizing spray. The antibacterial body perfumes are available in three original scents that are FDA-approved and boast 99.9% antibacterial effectiveness even after a period of 48 hours.

The brand gets its name from the french word for “half” and its packaging reflects this with half-frosted, half-glossy bottles. These bottles contain antibacterial eau de toilette sprays in varieties like AFTER BATHE, A LITTLE WALK and CALM BIRCH.

Knowing that people are struggling with tough times and need a means of feeling positive, the brand created the concept to offer an escape from reality and practical protection. As the brand is launching in December, it is introducing itself to the world with a festive boxed set.

Image Credit: LA MOIT

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