Artwork-Inspired Timepiece Collections – The MoMA x Swatch Collection Showcases Classic Artwork (

The MoMA x Swatch collection is a series of timepieces that put a range of classic artworks in the spotlight to help a person enhance their style in a decidedly lighthearted way. The watches come in a range of sizes and are part of the Swatch Art Journey series, which features prominent artwork from some of the most recognizable museum collections and artists reinterpreted as an accessory. The watches show off Lichtenstein, Botticelli, Magritte and Hokusai artwork, which covers the dial of each style and extends to the straps.

The MoMA x Swatch collection is slated for release on March 16 and will see additional collaborations arriving on April 13, 2023. The various watches are expected to have an affordable price point to make them suited for a wider range of collectors.

Image Credit: Swatch

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