Backstage news on how Randy Orton was able to set “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt on fire at WWE TLC

For those of you wondering how WWE was able to pull off the stunt at the end of the show, they taped the match earlier in the day.

WrestleVotes reports that the match was taped in the afternoon and originally, it was supposed to go on before the Universal Championship match but plans changed and it was moved to the main event slot.

In order to do some of the dangerous spots, they stopped and did some retakes. That includes the rocking chair spot at ringside. The final spot of the match in the ring with the gasoline was edited together and obviously, that was not Wyatt on fire at the very end. They used a dummy made to look like Wyatt to set on fire.

WWE had people set up off-camera with fire extinguishers to put out different fires around the ring and there were extra special precautions taken to keep everyone safe.

The way things played out, one would think that Wyatt will not return to TV anytime soon and since his character is portrayed as being supernatural, he should eventually be back on WWE TV.

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