Boxer-Honoring Sports Collections – Denim Tears Drops The Fight Collection Celebrating Jack Johnson (

Denim Tears launches the new The Fight collection for the season as it is designed to celebrate and pay homage to Jack Johnson. He was the first-ever African-American boxer to be the heavyweight champion during the Jim Crow-America back in 1908.

The brand has been dedicated to launching products that celebrate justice, bring awareness to social change, black empowerment, and more. This collection continues to add on to those efforts as the variety of clothing range from hoodies, to shorts, to tees, and more. Additionally, the capsule also features a set of boxing gloves that have the same Pan-American flag emblem as the brand’s recent collaboration alongside Converse. The black hoodie and tee feature a cartoon iteration of Johnson throwing a haymaker.

Image Credit: Denim Tears

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