Chessboard-Themed Apparel Collections – UNDERCOVER’s Collection is Inspired by Music Album Covers (

Fashion brand Undercover showcased its Fall/Winter 2023 chessboard-themed apparel collection on its runway at Paris Fashion Week. The collection is called ‘Enjoy Yourself,’ featuring womenswear inspired by The Specials’ “Enjoy Yourself” track and the late Manuel Göttsching’s one-track album E2-E4. Founder Jun Takahashi and Hiroshi Fujiwara produced the show’s music and later shared that they also collaborated on designs in the collection.

The apparel collection was inspired by E2-E4’s chessboard-themed album cover, which showed designs of a lightning bolt logo and UNDERCOVER’s “U” logo spread across select areas on the brown/off-white and black/off-white pieces. The designs are featured on a number of pieces including scarves and robes worn at the runway show. The material of robes looks to be made from a fleece-type material such as soft wool. The collection will be released during its Fall/Winter 2023 launch.

Image Credit: Yuki Abe/Hypebeast, hypebeast, hypebeast, hypebeast, hypebeast

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