Collaborative Winter Boots – Dr. Martens and Goodhood Released a New Boot for their FW2021 Lineup (

The Fall-Winter 2021 lineup from Dr. Martens has been unveiled, and it notably includes a collaborative winter boot. This winter boot was made in collaboration with the London-based ‘Goodhood’ and is in celebration of London’s history. The boot itself is a remodeling of the classic Dr. Martens ‘101 UB.’

The boot is meant to celebrate the independent spirit of Dr. Martens and Goodhood fans. The boot is comprised of smooth, black leather with accents in yellow and white. There is a white dotted thread that goes across the bottom of the boot, as well as various short emblems and phrases around the boot.

The back of the left boot has the word ‘Forever’ running down the spine, while the right boot continues ‘And Ever’ going down the spine. The front of the boot states ‘The Independent Mind,’ and the top of the boot near the ankle has the phrase ‘Don’t Try.’ The boot embodies London fashion in its entirety with its sleek black look and simplistic yet elegant design.

Image Credit: Dr. Martens, Goodhood

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