Conditioning Natural Mascaras – Lush Lashes is Made with Low-Preservative Ingredients (

Lush Lashes by Lush Cosmetics is a dark black mascara that’s made with low-preservative ingredients that are natural and lash-conditioning and carefully selected for their ability to great volume and length. The buildable formula is fortified by ingredients like coconut oil, gum acacia and a vitamin-rich fresh wheatgrass infusion. Other ingredients in the mascara formula are soothing and protective or naturally antiseptic, which helps to support the health of the lashes and encourage ongoing growth.

While some mascara wearers with sensitive eyes find that conventional formulas are irritating, this formula is packed with benefits and free from commonly included agents that may cause sensitivity. The jet black formula is packaged like many other mascara products but boasts a much gentler formula thanks to naturally conditioning ingredients and minimal preservatives.

Image Credit: Lush Cosmetics

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