Cool Toys For Boys They Won’t Want To Put Down

There are a ton of toys on the market but this toy list is all about cool toys for boys. We are talking unusual toys, toys with character, toys that kids will play with over and over and over again. We are talking about the best toys children will love for a long time. I have rounded up 5 cool toys for boys that are sure to be a hit.

5 Incredibly Cool Toys For Boys

cool toys for boyscool toys for boys

Boys of all ages love to build (girls do too for that matter, but boys have the stronger reputation). Building is such a great activity for kids because it gives them a chance to discover the world and how it works in a hands on way and in a way that they can express their creativity. These cool toys for boys will let them build in new and fun ways. Your kids will love these imaginative, unusual building toys. This post was originally brought to you by Oh! Toys and the first 5 cool toys for boys that I mention are all available through Oh! Toys which is a small business run by a father who is very enthusiastic about unusual toys that make the brain work.

 Korxx Building Blocks

top toys for boystop toys for boys

Perfect for younger kids, the Korxx Building Blocks are made out of cork.  This makes them feel great, look cool, and the cork’s traction enables cool new designs that regular blocks don’t.  There are many benefits to playing with blocks and these cork blocks are quiet, safe, eco-friendly (made from ecologically harvested cork). The German Korxx come in all kinds of cool sets, shapes and colors.  In fact, Oh! Toys carries 22 different Korxx sets!

Kellner Steckfiguren (Kellner Stick Figures)


This classic European toy combines building with imagination and character.  Kellner uses clever joiner pieces and whimiscal faces to let your child’s creativity loose as they build their own characters and involve them in fantasy play.  These top toys for boys are as cool to play with as they look!  You can find three different fantastic Kellner sets at Oh! Toys.




Wodibow introduces a new element to building- magnetics! Woodibow is a Spanish toy that and the magnets help the pieces click into place as they build. It is a bit of building with a puzzle element mixed in since they can build various fun shapes. There are several fun Wodibow sets to choose from.

Lessing Blocks

lessing blocks

lessing blocks

From German designer Christian Lessing, these unusual blocks are more nature inspired with a variation in size and shape so that building becomes a greater challenge that even adults will enjoy. The Lessing Build-a-Wall set involves constructing wooden “brickwork” without the help of mortar do required patience and skill.


solid wood marble run toy Cuboro

solid wood marble run toy Cuboro
Cuboro combines building with the marble run for endless fun for all ages (3+). This award-winning block and marble run toy from Switzerland caps off my list of cool toys for boys because it is just about the coolest toy ever. Cuboro is good for years of fun. As the children grow older so can their creations become more complex. It is also a fun toy for adults. It works well for group play or independent play. This heritage toy is really great for getting the brain working, planning ahead, problem-solving, and being creative.

Cuboro marble run is unique because kids actually use wooden blocks to build the marble run themselves. The blocks have marble run tracks and tunnels bored in them and through them in unique ways that make the children think about how they can assemble a passageway that will roll. Cuboro uses only FCS certified wood to make their wood blocks so you can be certain that this wooden toy is created in an environmentally friendly and  sustainable way.  The Cuboro Standard and Cuboro Basis Starter Kits allow a huge number of possibilities but they also offer supplemental sets and sixpacks!

All of the toys featured above can be found at

More Cool Toys For Boys

Those were my original top 5 suggestions but since this post is so popular, I decided to go ahead and add 5 more favorites to the list.

Magformers Magnets in motion reviewMagformers Magnets in motion review


Magformers are magnetic building blocks in pretty colors and all kinds of cool shapes. My son loved these and so did my daughter and well, I did too! This particular set even came with gears. You can read our review here.

Bruder Timber Truck in BoxBruder Timber Truck in Box

Bruder Construction Toys

The smile on my son’s face says it all! Somethings like cars and trucks get automatic enthusiasm from a boy. Add the construction features and the coolness becomes overwhelming. Just look at his little fists clenched in anticipation for ripping that box open! He loved this logging truck and played with it for many hours imagination different scenarios and working them out.

Lego Ninjago Masters Spinjitzu Iron DooomLego Ninjago Masters Spinjitzu Iron Dooom


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Year after year, my son adds a couple of new Lego sets to his holiday wish list. He LOVES his Legos and in particular the Ninjago sets are some of his favorites.

3d puzzles kids will love by Recent Toys3d puzzles kids will love by Recent Toys

Brain Puzzles

If you have a brainy child, they will love a challenging 3D puzzle that they can work through again and again and try to improve their time. Here are some great ideas for 3D puzzles.

new nerf rivalnew nerf rival


Finally, boys seem to love Nerf guns and if it gets them outside running around, I’m all for it. Here is a review of my son’s new Nerf Rival Saturn Blaster.


I hope you enjoyed my list of top toys for boys and that you found some unusual, cool toys for boys to inspire your family in play! These educational toys are great for developing problem solving and learning how things work.  The toys these skills help develop can have an impact on future career interest, such as an interest in engineering.

While the first 5 toys were wooden and more educational, the last 5 toys are also great choices. Which of these cool toys for boys is your favorite?

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