Family Game Night With Pets!

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#AD Family game night is always a great way to have fun as a family. No matter what age, sitting down to a board game together puts everyone on the same page. We have some  board game favorites at our house that we play over and over. When shopping at Walmart, I spotted a fun twist that I knew my family would love: pet-themed games! 

sorry pets

Pet Themed Games For Family Game Night

We have a few family pets- including a cat and a dog! They get along pretty well- most of the time! So I picked up two pet themed games – Monopoly Crazy for Cats and SORRY! Pets Behaving Badly (each sold separately). My daughter really is crazy for cats so I knew she would like that one. Plus, we already love Monopoly and the SORRY! game, so I figured these would be instant hits with a fun twist. Turns out, our pets had fun checking out the games too! 

sorry pets behaving badly

SORRY! Pets Behaving Badly

SORRY! Pets Behaving Badly also brings all the original elements but includes some funny twists. 

Objective: Oops! You and your furry and feathered friends have trashed the house. Be the first to hide before your human gets home- just watch out for poops and don’t get busted! Get all four of your pawns home first to win!

sorry oops cards

Each turn you get to draw a card from the SORRY! game deck. If you land on an Oops! space, you can draw an Oops! card, which are silly little bonuses like “Yes, I did it. He was looking at me funny.” When you get three Oops cards, you can move one of your pawns directly home! 

A #2 SORRY! game card, means you may place one of your poop tokens on the board underneath one of your pawns and then move your pawn forward two spaces, leaving the token in place. If someone else land on your poop token, they pawn must go back to the START space! 

Pet lovers are sure to enjoy all the fun twists in these versions of the original games.

monopoly cats

Monopoly Crazy for Cats

Almost everyone is familiar with Monopoly and it is always a fun game. Monopoly Crazy for Cats brings all the elements you love, but they really change it up quite a bit too! 

Objective: Instead of getting the most money, you are trying to collect the most cats. 

Set up is nice and easy as each player starts with 5 single-cat coins and 1 5-cat coin (so a total of 10 cats). 

The character tokens are straight from the Crazy World of Cats and each has a unique ability. 

Monopoly Crazy For Cats

There is also a Purr Power Die with fun powers like the Toy Mouse that will make any player drop 3 cats or the Fish Bowl that allows you to collect 3 cats from the shelter. 

When you pass go, you trigger a cat fight to see if you can beat the breeder and get the bonus. 

The game ends immediately when the final cat fight is over. The player with the highest cat score wins. Add up the cats from your property cards, cat fight cards, and cat coins. This definitive game ending comes pretty quickly so this version on Monopoly seems to take around 30 minutes to 1 hour for us.

pet themed games

Where To Get These Fun Pet Games

These fun pet themed games can be found at Walmart. You can purchase these Pet-Themed and other assorted games in-store (look for them on an endcap!) or online at 

Your family is sure to love these pet games for at-home entertainment! 
Parents use the links to find the games! & 

We want to see your family and YOUR PETS! Share your pictures with us by using #familyfocusblog and #HasbroGaming. What do you do to make your game nights special? 

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