Fluorescent Spring Streetwear Designs – The Midorikawa Spring/Summer 2021 Capsule is Neon-Tinged (TrendHunter.com)

The Midorikawa Spring/Summer 2021 capsule is unveiled and it is prominent with raw detailing to really showcase the fine accents and intricate craftsmanship for the season. The Japanese fashion label explores unique garment expression that focuses on modern silhouettes.

There is a strong attention to the color palette — it cannot be missed as it delivers a slew of neon accents. In addition to this, the seasonal capsule also features premium textiles including leather and linens that are spotlighted by the cinched styling and raw hemming. The reworked suits are a boundary pushing design that takes on a feminine touch to a outerwear look. The rest of the capsule includes items such as refined tops and bottoms that boast a relaxed look.

Image Credit: Midorikawa

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