Glu Mobile sues Reworks Oy for patent infringement

San Francisco publisher Glu Mobile has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Reworks Oy.

Glu has decided to take Redecor to court due to copyright over the systems and methods of scene completion in a mobile game. It is claimed that Reworks Oy’s title infringes upon at least one section of the patent.

As such, the mobile games specialist will seek injunctive relief monetary damages for past and ongoing infringement.

“Glu is not a litigious company, but given this clear patent infringement by Reworks, we have a responsibility to file this lawsuit—we must protect the value of our innovation and intellectual property,” said Glu vice president and general counsel Scott Leichtner.

Great design

Glu has owned the rights to Design Home and its IP since 2016. Redecor is of a similar nature to the creative title. Currently, Design Home boasts over 90 million downloads and has achieved $500 million in bookings.

In September, Glu Mobile launched a new real-life e-commerce store, known as Design Home Inspired.

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