House-Brewed Butterfly Pea Toners – Mint and Ocean’s Butterfly Pea Flower Facial Toner is Refreshing (

Mint and Ocean is a brand that sells its products on Etsy and its Butterfly Pea Flower Facial Toner is bound to capture consumer attention. Brewed at home, the blend promises to “deep clean, balance, heal, and refresh [the] skin.” The product utilizes no dyes, colors, or additives, which would appeal to consumers looking for only natural beauty offerings. Mint and Ocean’s Butterfly Pea Flower Facial Toner has a beautiful indigo hue, which is a result of the active ingredient butterfly pea protein. The brand blends this with pure witch hazel and bergamot essential oil, giving the toner anti-oxidant and pH-balancing properties. In addition, the product is also anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, hydrating, brightening, and even antibacterial, which is a particularly desirable trait nowadays.

Image Credit: Etsy @MintandOcean

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