How to Remove Pilling From Clothes – Shop the 4 Best Tools

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Picture this: You’re looking through your closet in the morning and pushing your hangers from side to side, trying to find the exact T-shirt you want to wear for the day. It already took you a relatively long time to figure out which pair of baggy jeans to wear, so you’re in a rush. When you finally land on the perfect shirt option, you immediately see pilling — and now you’re scrambling to figure out how to remove pills from clothes.

It’s a pretty common conundrum, though there’s not always an easy solution. Removing the pilling by hand takes forever (and frankly, isn’t the most effective). A lint roller or sticky tape may seem like great options, but they can fall short if the pilling is extensive or stubborn.

Fortunately, we have a couple easy solutions for the next time you catch yourself in this particular snag. You could also use these tips proactively and prevent any future morning panics by going through your whole closet and removing the pilling from all of your clothes.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the strongest and most effective pilling removers, and they’re all pretty accessible and affordable. Keep scrolling to shop our best tools for removing pills from clothes.

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