Jackfruit-Inspired Sneakers – Kamthala is a Sneaker Designed in Bangladesh and Made in Europe (TrendHunter.com)

German sneaker brand Ekn is bringing attention to the exploitative business practices of the fashion industry with its latest drop, Kamthala, a limited-edition sneaker that was designed in Bangladesh and made in Europe. The modern sneaker boasts clean lines, exotic colors and traditional patterns that pay tribute to the designer’s home country. With yellow details that reference the color of ripe jackfruit, gray that offers a nod to the bark of the jackfruit tree and textures that mimic the feel of the fruit, the sneaker stands out.

The vegan sneaker boasts an EVA sole made from recycled materials, plus recycled chloroprene rubber for all-day comfort.

This design by up-and-coming female designer Rokaiya Ahmed Purna makes a bold statement about items designed in the Global North and produced in the Global South.

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