John Cena Is The Centerpiece Of New WWE 2K23 Trailer

The man with the most WWE Championships in history will stand in the way of WWE fans’ efforts to win their own in the company’s upcoming video game.

John Cena, a 13-time WWE Champion and 16-time world champion overall, was announced as the “WWE 2K23” cover star this week and on Tuesday, the company released its latest trailer for the game with the record-holding champion as the focus.

“One June 27, 2002, I took my first steps towards a WWE ring … a chance to prove I belong in the WWE universe … and I failed,” Cena said in the new minute-and-a-half look at the game.

“I’ve had to work to earn my place in WWE history and many times I’ve faced the agony of defeat,” Cena continued. “But in that failure, over a 20-year career, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to three words: Never Give Up.”

The trailer goes on to show Cena’s video game avatar taking finishing maneuvers from other WWE legends he’s faced throughout his career –- like Kurt Angle, Batista, The Undertaker, and The Rock –- as the star explains players will have the chance to either relive their favorite wrestler’s victories over him or reverse history on their own.

“These superstars managed to defeat me, at the highest levels, on the biggest stages. So when you step into their shoes, I’m looking to get those wins back,” Cena said, going on to challenge “WWE 2K23” players. “Are you strong enough to follow in their footsteps?”

The newest trailer gives fans a look at WWE’s latest installment with 2K Games, the company it has partnered with for its annual video game since the release of WWE 2K14 in fall 2013. The game, which will also include musician Bad Bunny as part of its first round of exclusive downloads, comes out March 17.

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