Kayla Braxton Releases “Leaked Audio” Of Sami Zayn Going Off On A WWE Stagehand After Big E Attack

The feud between WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn and Big E continued on last night’s SmackDown during Zayn’s “Sami Awards” segment. The champ was in the middle of handing himself a bunch of awards until Big E came out and accepted one for himself. Zayn put his hands on Big E and ended up getting tossed down the ramp by Big E.

After this happened, Zayn apparently went backstage and went off on a WWE stagehand for letting Big E show up during his ceremony. Kayla Braxton posted “exclusive, leaked audio” of Zayn’s rant on her Instagram.

“EXCLUSIVE! Leaked audio of Sami Zayn. Woowwww @samizayn sure had a lot to say once he thought the cameras were off. Listen to him berate a stagehand after @wwebige crashed the Sami Awards,” Braxton wrote in the caption.

“Don’t apologize to me, just tell me what the hell happened out there,” Zayn began. “Tell me how you allowed that to happen — do you know how hard it was to get the Sami Awards to happen? I’m on the phone with WWE! I’m on the phone with FOX! I’m on the phone with networks!

“They’re looking to me to put on quality programming, do you understand? Do you understand that people are depending on me? I sleep with that responsibility, every night. Do you understand that? So where were you?!”

You can hear Zayn’s full comments in the clip below.

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