Leading Others by Following Jesus

Whether you lead a business, a church, or a family, the wisest approach is to pattern your leadership after people who know how to lead well. And who demonstrated leadership better than Jesus Christ himself?

Willie Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty is with us on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Leading Others by Following Jesus,” sharing an inspiring message about how to emulate the leadership principles that Jesus modeled while He was on Earth.

Jesus’ leadership approach was something of a paradox because so much of His life was a paradox. Jesus was in this world but not of the world. He often spoke truth that stood in stark contrast to what the world believes. He taught that before you can lead well, you must learn to follow well (Philippians 2:5-8).

Join us for this recorded talk Willie gave at a leadership conference in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. You can listen on your local radio station, online, on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or on our free phone app. This was one of our most popular broadcasts of 2020.

I appreciate the leadership Willie displays in his own family (he’s the father of six), as the CEO of Duck Commander, and as a Christian man proclaiming the truth of Christ in the secular media. Willie’s insights have been valuable to my own leadership role here at Focus on the Family.

I’d like to offer you a copy of Willie’s book American Entrepreneur: How 400 Years of Risk Takers, Innovators, and Business Visionaries Built the U.S.A. for a gift of any amount. When you help Focus on the Family today, your donation will be doubled for twice the impact in helping others through this ministry. Our thanks to generous donors who’ve made that possible. Visit our website for more information.


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