Luxe Body Care Collections – Byredo Releases the ‘De Los Santos’ Body Care Range by Ben Gorham (

Byredo is introducing the ‘De Los Santos’ body care range designed by Ben Gorham. The fragrance was created to reimagine the traditions of Día Delos Muertos and All Saints’ Day, evoking a sense of coming together. The fragrance is said to embody this feeling in collective memories and become ingrained in the mind, much like a ritual.

The ‘Byredo Body Wash’ is a soft and silky formula that works to cleanse the skin while leaving a delicious scent behind. The ‘Byredo Body Lotion’ is a body cream that is both luxurious and lightweight, designed to keep skin soft and supple.

Offering musky, sage-like aromatics, the ‘De Los Santos’ body care collection is now available at Byredo’s retail stores.

Image Credit: Byredo

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