Luxurious Boot-Sandal Hybrids – Givenchy Presents its New Shark Lock Sandal for the Season (

As the Summer season prepares to roll around the corner, luxury fashion house Givenchy presents its new Shark Lock sandal to its roster. It takes the iconic Shark Lock Boots and transforms them into a more summer-friendly iteration with the open-toe ankle silhouette.

The boot’s silhouette can still be seen but the toe is cut out and there is the addition of a leather strap that helps keep the foot secured. Other details include the revamped version of the Givenchy lock, the tubular shaft that rests at calf length, and the wedge heel — all of which are drawn from the original version. The shoe is highlighted by the original metal clasp that is designed in the shape of a shark’s head and nods to its namesake.

Image Credit: Givenchy

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