Luxury Fashion House Podcasts – The Louis Vuitton Podcast Will Be Hosted by Loïc Prigent (

The Louis Vuitton Extended podcast is an upcoming media endeavor by the luxury French fashion house that will provide avid fans with insights into what goes on behind closed doors at the brand.

The podcast will be hosted by French fashion journalist, documentarian and YouTuber Loïc Prigent, and will see creative director of the brand’s menswear Pharrell Williams joining the show for the first episode. The podcast will be in English and will see episodes released on a bimonthly bassi to provide fans with regular deep dives into what’s going on at the fashion brand’s headquarters.

The Louis Vuitton Extended podcast will see episodes somewhere between 20 and 40-minutes each in length, and will be available across all major streaming platforms for listeners to access.

Image Credit: Louis Vuitton, hypebeast, en.louisvuitton

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