Mineral-Dyed Minimal Clothing – Vollebak Launches its Minerals Collection with Mineral Dyes (TrendHunter.com)

British fashion imprint Vollebak launches its new Minerals collection that brings forth a prehistoric influence using captivating mineral dyes for the clothing. This includes celadonite, hematite, volcanic soil, and ochre. Caldonite is created by joining both seawaters with lava to create a soft seafoam green.

Ochre creates a mustard-like yellow, which is notably one of the oldest pigments in the world. Hematite is derived from the Greek word for blood and is named after the primary iron source. To create the new collection, the minerals were sourced to be turned into a bath where the apparel was left to soak. Overall, the Minerals collection is made up of tees, sweaters, and sweatpants — all of which are detailed with soft ancient tones.

Image Credit: Vollebak

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