Mix-and-Match Makeup Brushes – GoBrush’s Parts Can Be Customized & Separated for Recycling (TrendHunter.com)

Because of their many different components, beauty products are notoriously difficult to recycle—but GoBrush is a customizable makeup brush with parts that separate for partial reuse of recycling. This innovation comes from FSKorea, a South-Korean manufacturer specializing in applicators and packaging for cosmetic products, and it shares a design where the fibres, ferrule and handle can be separated.

J.K. Hwang, CEO, and owner of FSKorea, says, “The importance of preventing environmental pollution and climate change is such that we strive to actively respond to these developments by designing and developing products that reduce resource consumption in the production process, reduce waste and facilitate recycling.”

More often than not, standard makeup brushes have individual parts that are glued together and brush manufacturers can use as much as 130 tons of glue per year.

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