Mountain-Inspired Exclusive Timepieces – Grand Seiko Presents the Mount Iwate Autumn Dusk Watch (

Grand Seiko introduces its new iteration of the SBGW303 watch dubbed the Mount Iwate Autumn Dusk, which is inspired by the mountain itself. The Japanese watchmaker follows the previous Yuka Momiji timepieces with this, celebrating Mount Iwate with a finely textured dial that is meant to honor the ridgelines of the mountain.

Mt. Iwate is by the company’s mechanical watch studio and is a natural inspiration for the brand. The dial comes in a clean olive green tone that nods to the autumn tones of the mountain that can be seen around dusk during this time of the year. The watch is made with a full stainless steel case with a matching bracelet and there are only 400 units made for an exclusive look.

Image Credit: Grand Seiko, hypebeast, grand-seiko

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