Nick Jonas turns 30: His journey from boy-bander to girl dad

Nick Jonas is ready to celebrate as he turns 30 on Friday.

On Thursday, the Jonas Brothers member took to Instagram to share a video of himself getting into a vehicle that featured a “Happy Birthday” banner in it. His wife, Priyanka Chopra, was waiting for him.

“Here we go… #30,” he captioned a video of himself walking to the vehicle with 50 Cent music playing in the background.

Here is a look back at how Jonas got his start to being a first-time father and how he worked towards his happily ever.


When Jonas was 12 years old, he and his brothers were signed by Columbia Records in 2005 and the Jonas Brothers was formed. Not too long after their first album “It’s About Time” was released, the band began working with Disney by covering songs from their movies and writing theme songs for their shows.

The following year, in 2007, the band was dropped from their record label and signed with Disney’s Hollywood Records. Disney heavily promoted their song “Year 3,000,” making it a hit. Through Disney, they released a second album in August 2007 and started appearing on some networks shows.

They continued to tour and release albums under their contract with Disney, and even appeared in two Disney Channel original movies, “Camp Rock” and “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.” The cracks in the band’s foundation started in 2009 when they started a scripted show on Disney Channel called “Jonas.”

“It was a big regret,” Nick said in the documentary about the band. “We shouldn’t have done that. It really stunted our growth. I feel like it was just a bad move. It was just not the time. Literally, we couldn’t evolve because of it.”

In the documentary, the brothers claimed the show led to a lot of disagreements between them and once the show was canceled in 2010, they began solo projects.

When their Disney show ended, the brothers were all looking for a way to show they had matured, each choosing to do this differently. Nick started the band Nick Jonas & The Administration and released the album “Who I Am” with them.

Nick then made his return to Broadway, where he got his start as a child, starring in the play “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” and took a guest role on NBC’s hit show “Smash.” While there were rumors the band was getting back together after this hiatus, they officially announced their break-up in October 2013.

The announcement came just a few days before their tour was about to begin and on the heels of the release of their fifth album, which they decided to scrap.

A spokesperson for the band told People at the time “There is a deep rift within the band. There was a big disagreement over their music direction.”

After the Jonas Brothers broke up, Jonas found a lot of success as a solo performer. He released two solo albums at this time entitled “Nick Jonas” and “Last Year was Complicated.” These albums were very successful and featured hit singles like “Chains” and “Jealous.”

He also continued to pursue a career in acting, appearing in both movies and TV shows. Jonas secured roles in “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” “Scream Queens” and “Kingdom.” He admitted it was not always easy for him to land these roles.


“It’s not been easy at all. In the beginning, there was a lot of bias towards projects that I’ve done in the past, and I’ve really been wanting to cut into a different direction and do something that would challenge me,” he previously told Vanity Fair. “But, I’ve been diving in headfirst with all the acting projects I’ve had, and I think the hard work is paying off.”

Fans were shocked to find out Jonas and Priyanka Chopra were a couple and were captivated by their week-long wedding event in India in December 2018. The couple documented their wedding on social media, allowing fans to follow along.

The couple have had a lot of questions surrounding not only their 10-year age gap, but also whether Jonas would be able to assimilate and fully embrace Chopra’s culture.

“Nick took to India like a fish to water. But just like a normal couple, you have to understand each other’s habits and what each other likes,” Chopra told The Sunday Times in 2021. “So, it’s more of an adventure than trying to figure out hurdles. None of it was really that hard.”

The couple is still going strong and recently welcomed a baby girl via surrogacy.

In February 2019, the brothers released their first single together in six years, not only officially announcing they were back together, but also that a new album was on its way, as well as an upcoming tour.

Their first single back together as a band was “Sucker.” The music video featured the brothers and all their significant others, who call themselves the J sisters. The brothers credit the filming of their documentary as one of the main reasons they were able to come back together as a band.


“The documentary was a way for us to figure out what we wanted to say and who we wanted to be in this new chapter,” Nick explained to Billboard in 2019. “It feels like the second bite of the apple is potentially going to be even bigger. We’re in a healthy place, we’re enjoying the ride. And I think the music is a reflection of that.”

On May 8, Nick and Chopra announced on Instagram that they welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Malti Marie, via surrogacy. Although their daughter had a rough start, having spent over 100 days in the NICU, she is currently home with her parents and thriving. 

Since becoming a father, Nick has spoken about his life has changed and the amount of love he has for his newest family member.

“Life is beautiful,” he said on “The Today Show.” “She’s a gift, and we’re just so blessed that she’s back home.”

When announcing the birth, Nick claimed “Our next chapter begins now, and our baby is truly a bada–. Let’s get it M! Mommy and Daddy love you.”

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