Old Navy Has Genius Sweatshirts With Built-In Face Coverings!

With the need to carry so many essentials with us when we leave the house — mask, sanitizer, maybe even gloves depending on where we’re going — any opportunity to find a 2-in-1 product that reduces the items we’re schlepping is a win-win. Which is why we’re so excited to see this genius Oversized Rib-Knit Funnel-Neck Pullover Hoodie ($40).

With a built-in gusset/turtleneck that comes up completely over the face, it’s the perfect thing to throw on if you’re going on a walk or to the park and might get within 6-feet of someone. While the CDC is advising all Americans to wear cloth face masks in public to protect against Covid-19, this hoodie seems like the perfect thing to wear outdoors! Just pull up the gusset if it’s ever hard to maintain appropriate social distance. We’ll be picking it up in multiple colors because it’s super stylish and warm.

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