Paul Wight Makes Surprising Confession About Being World Champion

Paul Wight won multiple World Championships across his career in different pro wrestling promotions.

Wight, formerly known as The Big Show while in WWE, currently works for AEW, where the majority of his work thus far has been done from the commentary booth for “AEW Dark: Elevation.” Between his time in WCW and WWE, Wight won six world championships. Wight confessed on “Submission Radio” how he felt about being a World Champion in professional wrestling.

“I’m not a guy that ever should’ve had a title like that, a Heavyweight title,” Wight stated. “… It’s the tough thing about being a champion is all that responsibility is on your head, and I never wanted that much responsibility. I never wanted to run the whole boat.”

Of the six World Championships Wight won, four came in WWE and two in WCW. Wight won his first World Championship while in WCW under the name The Giant, beating Hulk Hogan for the title in his first match with the company. Wight is now in a much different role in AEW than he was in either WWE or WCW. Wight revealed one thing that he loves about AEW.

“One of the things that I loved about AEW is there’s not a writing staff of 15, 20 writers,” Wight said. “When the talent has a promo, that promo comes from the talent, you know? So there’s not as much hands-on, molding, presentation, and packaging. A lot of AEW is very raw.”

Wight has wrestled a total of four matches in AEW, three of them taking place on the show Wight primarily does commentary for, “AEW Dark: Elevation,” and one at “All Out 2021”, where the giant defeated QT Marshall in a quick match, clocking in at just over three minutes. Wight stated that he had hip replacement surgery back in December, meaning that he has two fake hips now. Wight has since wrestled one match which took place in late March, where he defeated Austin Green.

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