Playful Workwear-Centric Designs – Brain Dead Taps Dickies for the ‘Artisanal Fabrications’ Capsule (

Brain Dead recently launched a new Brain Dead Fabrications Silverlake retail location with the help of Dickies, and now the pair have reunited to deliver a new ‘Artisanal Fabrications’ collection that fuses Brain Dead’s imaginative and funky designs with Dickies’ workwear-inspired pieces. The range is led by a series of zip-up work jacket-and-pant sets that feature Brain Dead and Dickies’ humorous construction dog graphic on the left leg. These sets include shaped zippers and off-colored belt loops as additional design elements.

Other items include a paint-splattered work coat, a pair of gardening pants, waffle knit sweaters, raglan T-shirts, and hickory-striped billow pants. The Brain Dead x Dickies collection will debut at Dickies Fabrications’ launch party on September 23 and will release online and at retail stores on September 27.

Image Credit: Brain Dead

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