Roman Reigns asks for an apology, Kevin Owens attacked on WWE SmackDown

This week’s episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown kicked off with Kevin Owens walking out to the ring. There were ladders set up all around the ring for this segment.

Owens wanted Reigns to walk out to the ring. Last week, Reigns brutally attacked Owens in the backstage area and he urged Owens’ family to talk some sense into him or food will be taken off their table. Owens said this week that he told his family not to watch his match at the TLC pay-per-view on Sunday because he’s afraid of what his family will think after they see what he will do to Reigns at the pay-per-view.

Paul Heyman appeared on the big screen and he had some words for Owens but Owens was tired of the talking so he went backstage to look for Reigns. After the commercial break, Adam Pearce was seen pleading with Owens. At the same time, Reigns made his way to the ring.

Reigns said he’s a good guy and all he wants is for Owens to acknowledge Reigns. Reigns said, “acknowledge me as the head of your family table.” Owens walked out towards the ring but was attacked by Uso and then by Reigns.

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