Sculpted Midsole Chunky Footwear – FILA Launches the Electrove Sneaker in Bright Colorways (

FILA introduces the brand new Electrove sneaker model, which is spotlighted by its chunky silhouette and is offered in bright colorway options. The shoe stems from the brand’s history of blending fashion with lifestyle and sports. This modern sneaker model is true to its heritage and features two tonal options for women.

It sits on top of a high sculpted midsole and outsole foundation with plenty of depth to the model. The colorways include either a palette of white, navy blue, and red, or a fusion of white, black, and storm. Additional details include the embroidered logo at the tongue, textured taping, and layered construction throughout the upper using leather and suede. There is also a plush foundation to offer comfort.

Image Credit: FILA

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