Solo Stove Bonfire Review: Best Smokeless Fire Pit

We wanted to be able to spend more time outside enjoying our backyard, even during this chilly season, so we decided to get a fire pit. My husband did some research and picked out his favorite one. He is an excellent online researcher and a perfectionist so of course, he picked the best smokeless fire pit available (well, almost smokeless)! Then I took a look at it and was wowed by how pretty it is as well as its cool features. I contacted the company, Solo Stove, and I was provided with a Solo Stove Bonfire in order to facilitate a review.

Solo Stove Bonfire Review

solo stove bonfire reviewsolo stove bonfire review

We love how our Solo Stove Bonfire enables us to sit and enjoy the outdoors by providing warmth on colder evenings. It is a fun spot to gather and we love to roast some s’mores when we gather around and share stories. If you have younger children, don’t forget to follow fire pit safety rules. Here are the details you may want to know about the Solo Stove Bonfire.

stainless steel fire pitstainless steel fire pit


The Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit is the perfect size for your backyard. A small crowd of about 8 people can gather around it easily. At its base, it is 19.5 inches wide and 14 inches tall.

best fire pitbest fire pit

Sleek Modern Look

The Bonfire fire pit is an attractive addition to your backyard space because it is made with 304 stainless steel which is a heavy grade material with a beautiful shine.

portable fire pitportable fire pit


It weighs just under 20 pounds and comes with a sturdy carry case so you can take your Solo Stove Bonfire anywhere with you! Talk about being the life of the party! I can’t wait to use it next time we go camping.

efficient burning fire pitefficient burning fire pit

Efficient Burn

Due it the Solo Stove Signature 360° Airflow Design™, it has an extremely efficient burn. This unique fireplace has a double-wall structure with strategically placed holes to draw in air from the bottom and feed the heated oxygen to the top. The design also allows the ash to drop through the bottom to an ash tray so that the ash does not impeded the burning process. This higher burn efficiency means several good things for you.

  • Easier to start your fire.
  • Burns so efficiently that it needs very little tending.
  • Faster burn completion so you don’t have hot embers left way after your are done gathering.
  • Burns so completely that there is minimal ash left to clean.
  • Burns so efficiently that that is is almost smokeless. More on this below.
best smokeless fire pitbest smokeless fire pit

Best Smokeless Fire Pit

Well, it is not entirely smokeless, of course, but for all intensive purposes, it feels pretty smokeless. In other words, it burns so efficiently that it hardly creates any smoke.

There are two main ways in which you will notice this huge benefit of being almost smokeless. The first is that you won’t feel the smoke burn your eyes every time the wind shifts and you have to rearrange yourself out of the direction of the drifting smoke. The second is that you won’t smell smoke when you are sitting around the fire or long after.

Gone is that smell of smoke that lingers on your hair and clothing for days after sitting around a campfire or normal fire pit. You are going to love that! Plus, I just imagine how much my lungs are thanking me for not making them filter all that black smoke that is not even visible with this amazing fire pit!

Suggested Bonfire Accessories

Solo Bonfire Stand

We set our Bonfire up on our porch so we used two large cinder blocks to separate it from our porch and prevent any heat transference. We went old school and it works just fine. However, the Solo Bonfire Stand is a much more classy option. It is a matching stainless steel ring with holes. I think it may just make a fine stocking stuffer for us now that we see how much we like our Bonfire and intend to get plenty of use out of it.

Solo Stove Bonfire Cover

While the Bonfire comes with a carrying case, that also works well for storing it inside, I still want to get the cover. That way I can just leave it in place outside without worrying about the rain or the snow causing it to rust.

Those are the two Bonfire accessories I would most suggest but they do offer some other great ones like the Bonfire shield, Bonfire tools, and roasting sticks. They also offer some great bundles.

Where To Buy A Solo Stove Bonfire:

You can purchase them online directly from or you can find them in outdoor retailers or on Amazon. I have seen the best prices directly on the Solo Stove site but you might shop around.

An outdoor fire pit can be an asset to anyone’s backyard or patio and the fact that the Solo Stove Bonfire is an almost smokeless fire pit make it a true gem. You will love this addition to your outdoor space and find it makes spending time outside more enjoyable!

What is your favorite thing to cook over a fire pit? Mine is marshmallows. I just love that golden brown crispy outside with the gooey center!

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