Soothing Massage Oil Candles – The Du Soleil Candle by Immunocologie is Soothing & Beautifying (

The popularity of massage oil candles is definitely growing as contemporary consumers are on the lookout for new options in the skincare at home space. Immunocologie is one brand that offers a high-quality candle that is bound to make for a relaxing experience.

The Du Soleil candle is “made with thoughtfully sourced, cruelty-free, vegan vegetable oil blend,” making it ideal for consumers who prioritize plant-based solutions in skincare. In addition, the candle is hand-crafted in New York City, giving it an artesian and luxurious character—which is also mimicked by the custom violet glass bottle that works to preserve the ingredients naturally. Once melted, the massage oil candle can be used on skin and the formula promises to leave the skin smooth, soft, and well hydrated.

Image Credit: Immunocologie

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