Storytelling Robotic Runways – Coperni FW23 Had Models Share the Runway with Boston Dynamics Dogs (

Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs named Spot starred as models during the Coperni FW23 show at Paris Fashion Week. During the show, model Rianne Van Rompaey walked the stage and shared a moment with a Boston Dynamics dog that helped her disrobe to reveal an all-black dress.

A theatrical fashion show like this one offers a unique opportunity for designers to showcase their creativity and push boundaries in terms of style and presentation, all the while creating a memorable experience for guests and viewers. The cyber-canines were intentionally chosen to bring the story of The Wolf and The Lamb to life. As Coperni CEO and co-founder Arnaud Vaillant told Vogue, “It’s a beautiful story that talks about the balance of power between different groups. Instead of the wolf and the lamb we reinterpreted it as humans and robots.”

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