Striking Dive-Inspired Fashion – BOTTER’s New ‘The Dive’ Campaign Captures Stunning Mid-Dive Moments (

Caribbean-inspired menswear label BOTTER has announced the launch of its newest campaign called ‘The Dive,’ which aims to showcase the vital nature of water — a recurring motif throughout the label’s history — while highlighting its latest apparel offerings.

The campaign focuses on the Olympic sport of platform diving, highlighting the kinetic nature of the human body while commenting on the artistry that surrounds the water. As a result, the campaign offers a striking lookbook featuring Yona Knight-Wisdom, the first Jamaican platform diver to ever enter the Olympics. The lookbook consists of a variety of images of Knight-Wisdom mid-dive, floating through the air while wearing BOTTER apparel. Pieces highlighted in the lookbook range from a powder yellow dress shirt to athletic sneakers.

Image Credit: BOTTER

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