Sustainable Hemp-Made Apparel – JSP Taps CRFTED to Create a Eco-Friendly Collection of Clothing (

JSP works in collaboration with CRFTD on a collection of apparel that is crafted from a sustainable standpoint. The duo use hemp materials to create a capsule of goods including hoodies, sweatpants, and much more. The design language of the range is rooted in cozy vibes.

Each item is made with 55% hemp materials, ensuring that the fabric will age well. Not only that, but the production of the apparel required a lot less water with the use of this. The material is weaved into the capsule of dark navy blue and white pieces. The silhouettes include the aforementioned hoodie, sweatpants, along with sweatshorts, and a crewneck sweater. The bottoms are held with elastic waist bands and feature drawstrings for more adjustments.

Image Credit: JSP

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