Suvendu Adhikari letter: TMC filled with individuals who don’t bother about anyone

Kolkata, Dec 19 (PTI) In an open letter addressed to  the grassroots members of the Trinamool Congress, Suvendu Adhikari said on Saturday that West Bengal is standing at a critical juncture as the people of the state are destined to make a choice in the 2021 Assembly elections that will impact them forever.

Adhikari, who switched over to the BJP from the Mamata Banerjee-led party, said that “an extremely deep rot and malaise” has set in to the Trinamool Congress.

“Neither West Bengal nor the Trinamool Congress is anyone’s fiefdom,” Adhikari said.

Asserting that the party was not built in one day with the contribution of one person, he wrote that it was a continuous and contiguous effort on a mammoth scale, the culmination of which was the TMC’s coming to power in West Bengal in 2011.

He alleged that the TMC, which the ordinary people built brick by brick selflessly without any desires, is now filled with individuals who do not bother about anyone but themselves.

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