The Miz Trying To Get His Money In The Bank Cash-In Reversed, Miz Makes MITB History

It looks like The Miz may get his Money In the Bank title shot reinstated.

The Miz cashed in at Sunday’s WWE TLC pay-per-view during the TLC Match for the WWE Title, making it a Triple Threat with AJ Styles and champion Drew McIntyre, who would go on to retain his title. The cash-in saw John Morrison hand the briefcase over to the referee, not The Miz.

This was mentioned during last night’s RAW with The Miz and Morrison insisting that the cash-in was not legal because it was Morrison who actually cashed in the title shot, not The Miz. WWE did a backstage segment where The Miz was on the phone with someone important, trying to get the decision reversed. This would presumably see the title shot reinstated and the briefcase returned to The Miz.

On a related note, The Miz made history at WWE TLC with the cash-in. The official WWE Stats account noted that Miz is now the only WWE Superstar in history to have both a successful cash-in and an unsuccessful cash-in with the contract.

The Miz’s first cash-in came in November 2010 when he won the WWE Title during a Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton match on RAW. He pinned Orton that night to begin his first reign with the WWE Title.

Stay tuned for more on what looks to be a new twist to the Money In the Bank briefcase storyline with The Miz.

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