Top 100 Shoes Trends in 2020 – From Ergonomic 3D-Printed Footwear to Pillow-Like Designer Boots (

The 2020 shoe trends explore many different themes that are translated through progressive designs that deliver function just as well. The creative looks are brought by special collaborations, new materials constructions, design inspirations, and more.

A notable shoe trend is the conceptual Armis slide by Shun Ping Pek, which is a futuristic footwear that is made to be ergonomic through 3D printing methods. The shoe features two different parts starting with the interior mesh and the outer later. Another great shoe trend is by luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton and its iconic Pillow Boot. The plush footwear is centered around comfort to cater to the homely theme of this year. It is available in black, green, and white colorway options.

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