Understanding the Goodness of God’s Word

On our Focus on the Family Broadcast with our guest author Wendy Speake, “Understanding the Goodness of God’s Word,” we’re discussing the topic of “feasting.” Not on food but on Scripture.

She’s written a great book called The 40-Day Feast: Taste and See the Goodness of God’s Word about how to ingest and savor the Bible and understand God more deeply.

The idea of feasting originated in the Garden of Eden. Before God made humans, he created the food to sustain them. Although Adam and Eve fell and left the table, God seeks to reunite us with Him by inviting us back to the table through His covenant.

Food is prominently featured throughout the Old testament. Jesus used food to demonstrate God’s grace and teach His disciples spiritual lessons. The last thing that Jesus did before he went to the cross was to break bread with His disciples.

Wendy uses the acronym F.E.A.S.T. to remind us how to ingest and digest God’s Word well:

  • Begin your time in God’s Word by fellowshipping with Him.
  • Read the text and then allow it to settle into your heart and mind so it transforms the way you live.
  • Do not merely listen to the Word. Do what it says.
  • Just as a good meal isn’t gulped down quickly, reading God’s Word is best when it’s savored.
  • Trusting God and His Word is an ongoing process as we live out His commands on a daily basis.

God is always speaking, and we hear Him when we read and listen. The more we know the Word of God, the more likely we are to hear and know His voice.

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