Update on WWE Raw ratings story, USA Network not ‘furious’ and no edict for adult content

In an update to a story that was picked up in several places on Friday, it turns out that there was no edict from the USA Network towards WWE after last Monday’s record low rating for Raw.

Dave Meltzer said the following in regards to the story reported on by talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy:

“According to people who would know this is not true. While they are disappointed in ratings and do make suggestions, those were not the direction they have suggested.”

So, it does not appear that “adult content” was something that was brought up by the network. However, you can expect to see some attempts at some out-of-the-box ideas that could get ratings back up. The one thing that should benefit WWE is Monday Night Football wrapping up soon. Typically, WWE sees a bump in the ratings after football season.

The original story from McCarthy at this link has been updated.

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