Vince McMahon is looking to shake things up again this Monday on Raw

Changes are expected soon in WWE because of the record low rating for this past Monday’s episode of Raw. was told that Vince McMahon is once again looking for out of the box ideas for the Raw after the WWE TLC pay-per-view. It’s no secret that much of what was presented on Raw this past Monday was written for McMahon but the blame for the declining ratings is being put on the creative staff.

We are told that more than ever, people are walking on eggshells after the record-low viewership and there’s been talk about scrapping some of the plans that were discussed for the build to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. There is also some concern that if things do not turn around, then some people in creative could be let go.

Earlier this week, WrestleVotes reported that the creative team was asked to make a list of underutilized stars that could shine if they were given the proper opportunity. Angel Garza is one of the people on the list that McMahon has said good things about in recent weeks so he may be given a chance to prove that he can be a top star.

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